Families with Young Children

This schedule is designed to minimize walking between performances and activities.

Families, Option A

This schedule combines fun shows in the Upper Shire with displays of jousting and archery between

Families, Option B

This schedule features entertaining performances in the Lower Shire including back to back acts o

Focus on Great Acts

If you really love watching the staged performances, this schedule is for you.

Follow The Wyldewood Players

If you’re into the spirit of the Renaissance era and enjoy the antics of professional actors in c

For Music Lovers

This schedule attempts to capture as many musical performances as possible, from pleasant Renaiss

Follow Royalty and Town Folks

The festival is in itself one big stage.

Adults, Option A

This schedule gets off to an early start and includes late day jousting and a couple bawdy acts.

Adults, Option B

Off to a later start, this schedule plans for a later lunch and skips the jousting.