Contact Information
Note: The responsible party known as the “Artisan” will be considered the sole contact for negotiations and decisions. The Artisan will handle all fees and contractual arrangements. The Artisan must be the owner or partner of the business and must be present on all weekends.
Festival Information
Which weekend(s) are you applying for?
Will you need a Festival owned booth?
Do you have your own tent or cart?
Due to the limited number of SRF guest booths, your need to utilize one may or may not determine your ability to participate in the Festival. Therefore, if you do have a temporary structure, please let us know.
Product Description
Craft Medium
Please check those that are most applicable to your work
Be as specific as possible. Mention similarities and differences in techniques, tools and materials used.
Are you interested in demonstrating your craft?
Please list and describe ALL items you wish to sell. All items offered for sale here at the Festival must be handcrafted and approved by the Artisan Jury Committee in writing.
Craft or Product

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Minimum of 6 photos.
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Booth Display
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Costume Costume must be approved prior to participation in the Festival
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Please describe the item in each photo, include materials, dimensions, price, etc.
Biographical Outline
To best evaluate your potential as a participant in the Sterling Renaissance Festival Artisan Program, we need to know as much about you as your product. Please provide the following information.
Please list the galleries, museums and major shows in which you have displayed or participated in. Be sure to include the year(s) of your involvement and list any special awards or recognition received from other shows.
Add any additional information you feel best represents your business and what you have to offer

Application Date

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By selecting this box you agree to only sell/display the approved items on this list
Falsified or inaccurate information will result in vendor expulsion from the Festival.
By selecting this box you affirm that all the above information is correct

Proposal Requirements and Checklist

  • The Artisan Application must be fully completed, signed and dated.
  • The Biographical Outline must be fully completed to the best of your ability as part of your Artisan Application.
  • A $40 non-refundable (made payable to: Ontario Realty, Inc.) application fee must be included with your application in order for it to be processed. If your proposal is received without the application fee, it will not be considered or returned.
  • Photos* must be submitted for each and every type of item you wish to be juried and sold during the Festival. The jury may, at its discretion, require you to submit additional photos and/or samples for closer examination. We strongly encourage you to send in samples of your work with your proposal.

*If you are approved for participation, your photos will be retained in our files for reference and possible promotional purposes. Your samples may be picked up in our office upon your arrival to the Festival for set-up. If you are not accepted, we will be happy to return your photos and/or samples to you at your expense via USPS. Or, you may pick them up at the Festival office. You will have 30 days after jury notification of non-acceptance to do so. Please notify us as to your wishes. Said photos and/or samples become property of the Sterling Renaissance Festival after 30 days.

Please mail your completed proposal to:

Sterling Renaissance Festival
Attn: Artisan Director
15385 Farden Rd.
Sterling, NY 13156