One of the features that distinguishes the Sterling Renaissance Festival from other fairs of its kind is its full-time professional corps of actors, selected from a national audition tour.  Weeks of training and rehearsal go into the varied and colorful citizens of Warwick you see around you. Step back in time, let the lines of time and space become blurred, and immerse yourself in the magical world of the renaissance!

Royal Appearances

Experience the the Queen in all of Her Majesty and her Royal Court as they tour the streets and meet with townrs and visitors alike. And, one should not overlook the opportunity to savor tea with the Queen herself.

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Come see the Queen!


Immerse yourself in Elizabethan entertainment at its best, with stage and street performances at every turn. Enter the town and you will see that there truly is an abundance of fun for everyone.

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Watch daring acrobats!

Sports & Battle

Revel in the glory of fiery sport and battle. In the town of Warwick, showman and champions reign.

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Watch swords clash!

Festival Feasting

Indulge--the flavors are plentiful. From perfectly presented pastries to saucy and savory creations, the people of Warwick are excited to share their culinary crafts.

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Enjoy our massive turkey legs!

Fun & Games

Enjoy the playful side of Warwick with authentic Elizabethan games--tests of both chance and skill. Boasting is permitted for those who conquer.

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Take your best shot at our archery ranges

Royal Marketplace

In the town marketplace, you will find fine wares and one-of-a-kind gems that are handmade on-site. Nowhere else will you find such artful craftsmanship.

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Come see all our amazing wares!