Stage Antics Of The Wyldewood Players

New this season — The Warwick Inn is a three-story interactive stage with all-day foolery, improv, slapstick humor, and secret love. The bottom floor is a bakery and scullery where the baker and his wife try to get a day’s work done without trouble from their son and the two beautiful but wily scullery wenches.

Above, the Inn houses the Lord Mayor’s family and a host of not-so-welcome guests from the town’s citizenry, as well as a few unwanted rogues. The result is a “faulty tower” of fun and mayhem. Inside the Inn is a sit-down pub, there to entertain guests with ale and bread from the bakery, and abuse offered by the Inn’s guests from an interior balcony open to the second floor. Check the schedule for a listing of a variety of hysterical adventures!

The Queen’s Challenge

Her Majesty and her courtiers amuse themselves and you with games and courtly revels.

Town Meeting

The Lord Mayor and his fellows try to hold an orderly town meeting to discuss issues, solve problems and air grievances, and as usual, things get a little out of order.

Theatre In The Ground

These muddy beggars perform their hilarious mud classics from within the depths of the town mud pit.

The Thieves’ Guild

Stealing is bad, or is it? Thieves get together to plumb the depths of their trade.

Washer Wenches

Love, lye, and laundry at the town wash pit! Washer wenches teach men how to treat their ladies as they air their dirty laundry. Be sure to arrive clean, or you may get washed!

Rogues’ Revels

Marauding corsairs and rogues gather to drink and sing their favorite sea shanties. Aaargh!

Town Revels

Merrymakers of the shire halt their work to tip a few ales, sing and carouse.

Wench Auction

Villains are selling... people!! Don’t stand too close or you may find yourself up on the auction block displaying your assets. This is a bawdy show where wenches and blokes share equal time on the block. Creative bids welcome!

Trial & Dunke

The constabulary mete out justice in the briny depths of the Frogge Pond. The accused are placed in the dunking chair to be dunked at the Earl’s pleasure. Is he fair or foul? You be the judge.

The Queen’s Duel

The court demonstrates their dazzling dueling abilities with rapiers, chivalry, and wit!

The Tempest

Opening third weekend, the Bard is back upon the boards with a delightful cutting of Prospero’s magical manipulations of his beloved daughter Miranda and some ne’re-do-wells that washed up on the shore of his secluded island.