Bells & Motley Olden Music,
Dance, & Storytelling

Known widely for their glorious renditions of early music on authentic instruments.  Join the celebration with a participatory dance session on the Commons Green at noon. No experience needed!

Featured performers:

  • Sondra Bromka
  • John Bromka
  • John Harnois


A free-spirited playfulness is characteristic of Cantiga’s sound. Martha Gay on the harp, Alexander Korolov on the viola da gamba, and Bob Bielefeld on the flutes all improvise solos within the structure of Renaissance and Medieval melodies, bringing the ancient songs to life for a modern audience.

Empty Hats

Celtic music “unplugged but wired.”

Featured performers:
  • Carl Asch
  • Looney Lucy
  • Tim Ball
  • Daniel Grip


Experience ancient bagpipes and bombastic drums. Wolgemut (an old German word for “being in a good mood”) performs high-energy historical and traditional music on original instruments, such as the Dudelsack (German bagpipe), Rauschpfeife (Capped Shawm) and an arsenal of percussion.

Featured performers:
  • Michael Gartner
  • Chris Klecka
  • Daniel Williams
  • Mark Williams
  • Jake Cooper


The Nightingale is a whimsical bird-like creature, known for having a sweet song; she sings the stories of the ages!

*Performing 8/18-8/19

Featured performers:
  • Haven She Clark
  • Tyler McCalip

Jim Hancock & Friends

A celebration of songs, encompassing maritime, love, drinking, and the best that Jim can find. He plays with everyone and helps lead the band at the Pub Sing. Come to any of the Revels, Jim’s Sets, and the Final Pub Sing and sing along!

Lord Cailean Carmichael

Lord Carmichael is the Scottish emissary to Her Majesty Elizabeth’s Court. He can be found playing the bodhran or other instruments at any opportunity.

Featured performers:
  • Kevin Pelletier

Merry Mischief

Lilting love songs, bawdy ballads among other harmonies (Merlyn & Harry) sing sailing, drinking, and piratical ditties!

Featured performers:
  • Marilyn Fuller
  • Wayne Fuller

Randal Piper

Catch this wandering minstrel who will sing you your own personal song!

Featured performers:
  • Andrew Sklar


Last Updated: 4/13/2018