Plan Your Day!


See & Do


10:30 am
Games, costumes, shop, eat
On way to Festival Stage
11:15 am
Judas & Magnolia
Festival Stage
12:00 pm
Theatre of Fools
Bankside Stage
12:45 pm
Daniel, Duke of Danger
Bankside Stage
1:30 pm
Cirqa Brava
Swan Stage
2:15 pm
Lunch (and The Parade)
Goes by Market Cross Stage
2:45 pm
Filthy Irish Stories (Bawdy)
Grotto Stage
3:30 pm
Arthur Greenleaf Holmes (Bawdy)
Grotto Stage
4:15 pm
Muddy Middens
Ye Mudd Pits
5:00 pm
Clan Tynker / Vodca Family
Wyldewood Stage
5:45 pm
Eats, drinks, games, fortunes, shop
6:30 pm
Final Pub Sing
Festival Stage