Plan Your Day!


See & Do


10:15 am
Opening Ceremony
Festival Stage
10:30 am
Bells & Motley
Merchant’s Bend
11:15 am
Guild of Warwickshire
The Warwick Inn
12:45 pm
Her Majesty’s Daily Diversion
Festival Stage
1:00 pm
Lunch, Rides, Games, Shop
1:30 pm
Bells & Motley Music
Merchant’s Bend
2:15 pm
The Parade
Goes by Market Cross Stage
2:45 pm
Giacomo the Jester Show
Festival Stage
3:30 pm
Rogues Revel
Falstaff Pub
4:15 pm
A Courtly Duel
Festival Stage
5:00 pm
The Washer Pit
Washer Well
5:45 pm
Armoured Joust
Field of Honor
6:30 pm
Final Pub Sing
Festival Stage