Stage Antics Of The Wyldewood Players

The Warwick Inn

The Warwick Inn is a three-story interactive stage with all-day antics, improv, slapstick humor, and secret love. The bottom floor is a bakery and scullery where the baker and his son try to get a day's work done without trouble from their two beautiful but wily scullery wenches. Above, the Inn houses the Lord Mayor's family and a host of not-so-welcome guests from the town's citizenry, as well as a few unwanted rogues. The result is a "faulty tower" of fun and mayhem. Inside the Inn is an intimate sit-down pub with an interior balcony open to the second floor, where unscheduled antics take place all day. On the Bakery side, you'll find these hysterical adventures.

The Guild of Warwickshire Curmudgeons

The serious elders of Warwickshire air their trivial grievances as is their duty as official curmudgeons, and everyone agrees to be disagreeable. 

Confections of Chaos

Love heats up as the dough rises. The first family of food in Warwickshire try to keep their house in order and still do the baking.

Breaking Bread

Bakers at the Warwick Inn are tying themselves into knots to feed the town.

A Most Improper Wake

An infamous Warwickshirian has passed on, and the townspeople do their best to honor a person of questionable honor, then things really start to go wrong.

Royal Performances

Her Majesty's Daily Diversion

Her Majesty and her courtiers amuse themselves and you with games and courtly revels.

A Courtly Duel

The court demonstrates their dazzling dueling abilities with rapiers, chivalry, and wit!

Final Pub Song

Join the Queen and all the villagers at the Festival Stage as they raise a glass in song. Don't miss this rousing and heart-warming tribute to a day of fellowship and adventure. It is a MUST before you go!

The Village Middens

The Muddy Middens

Three village beggars are up to muddy mayhem as they plumb the depths of the town "middens." More than just a mud pit, the Middens is a dump and a sewer! Every town has one, and everything foul flows to it.

An Oracle of Offal

Muddy fun. Men of the court and a handful of brave town’s folk seek the mysteries hidden within the town Midden.

The Cesspool of Ignominy

Pirates and town folk find shame and treasure at the town middens.

Village Revels & Villany

Barber Surgeon's Clinic

The town's beloved barber-surgeon, whose motto is, "Better bled than dead" is giving a clinic. Townspeople take their lives in their hand to stay healthy.

Public Execution

Public executions are a fine way of bringing the community together, or so sayeth the Earl. But is anyone really willing to do it?

The Washer Pit

Love, lye, and laundry at the town wash pit! The washer wenches and their washer men teach customers how to treat each other as they air their dirty laundry. Be sure to arrive clean, or you may get washed!

Rogues’ Revels

Marauding corsairs and rogues gather to drink and sing their favorite sea shanties. Aaargh!

Town Revels

Merrymakers of the shire halt their work to tip a few ales, sing and carouse.

Trial & Dunke

The constabulary mete out justice in the briny depths of the Frogge Pond. The accused are placed in the dunking chair to be dunked at the Earl’s pleasure. Is he fair or foul? You be the judge.

Pirate Parley

Attracted, no doubt, by the only body of water in Warwick, a band of Pirates takes hold of the Frogge Pond. 

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