Stage Antics Of The Wyldewood Players

The Warwick Inn & Bakery

The Warwick Inn is a three-story trove of all-day antics, improv, slapstick humor, and secret love.  The bottom floor is a bakery and scullery where the baker and his son try to get a day’s work done without trouble from their two beautiful but wily scullery wenches.  Above, the Inn houses the Lord Mayor’s family and a host of not-so-welcome guests from the town’s citizenry, as well as a few unwanted rogues.  The result is a “faulty tower” of fun and mayhem.  Inside the Inn is an intimate sit-down pub with an interior balcony open to the second floor, where unscheduled antics take place all day. On the Bakery side, you’ll find these hysterical adventures.

Scheduled Antics Take Place At … 1:15, 12:45, 2:45, 4:15

Braggart's Row

Next door to the Warwick Inn lies the worst real estate in the shire, peopled by the worst beggars, scallywags and rogues in the shire.  Local legend has it that the rocky area is the remnant of an ancient stone road made by the Romans and cursed with bad luck.  As far back as anyone remembers, all homes built here are eventually sucked into the inexplicably muddy earth.  Here beggars live, thieves meet, and traveling rogues carouse.  They tell tall tales and brag of their exploits––Swords flash, mud splashes, and hysterical misdeeds are done. 

Scheduled Antics Take Place At … 12:00, 1:30, 3:30, 5:00

The Laundress Lair

Across the green from Braggart’s Bow sits the village’s brand-new wash pit.  Due to an increase in filthy laundry, the village elders have granted the ladies of the pit a new place to do their washing.  Here they make a spectacle of themselves in their obsession with cleanliness.  They have elevated laundry to a bawdy artform, and villagers swarm the pit to watch the washing, hear the latest gossip, and see what kind of trouble the ladies get themselves into.  You are allowed to come watch them do the cleaning, but be weary lest you yourself be cleaned!   

Scheduled Antics Take Place At … 12:00, 1:30, 3:30, 5:00

The House of Physic and Graveyard

Here in our humble village lies a place devoted to the secret sciences and mysteries of the earth, an institute of higher knowledge and service to the troubled.  The apothecary, barber surgeon, and the alchemist have combined forces to treat, heal, and impart wisdom to the villagers of Warwick.  They will spend their day plying their crafts to the needy, and if things don’t work out, they have the gravedigger on call to honor and burry the unserved.  For convenience, the House of Physic is located adjacent to the Graveyard.  It’s a one stop shop.  Got a problem?  Stop by and visit the experts!   

Scheduled Antics Take Place At … 1:15, 12:45, 2:45, 4:15


Royal Performances at Festival Stage

Her Majesty's Daily Diversion

Her Majesty and her courtiers amuse themselves and you with games and courtly revels.

A Courtly Duel

The court demonstrates their dazzling dueling abilities with rapiers, chivalry, and wit!

The Market Cross Stage

Public Execution

Public executions are a fine way of bringing the community together, or so sayeth the Earl. But is anyone really willing to do it?

A Rat Extravaganza

Emrys fleet, the village's beloved rat catcher will be giving live "demonstrations."

The Trial & Dunke Stage

Court of Sessions

The constabulary meet out justice in the feted depths of the Frogge Pond twice daily.  The accused are placed in the dunking chair to be dunked at the Sheriff’s pleasure.

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