Armour & Weaponry

  • Mardigan's Maile by: Chris & Kelly Christopulous
  • Starfire Swords by: Maciej Zakrzewski
  • Warlords Crusade Armory by: Todd Silber
  • Primitives Archery Shoppe by: Jessica and Robert Garcia

At Your Service

  • Face Painting by: Liza Brant

Clothing & Costumes

  • Moresca by: Johanna Dun-Jones
  • Royal Rags Rentals by: Laura Bridson
  • Threads of Time by: Geoffrey & Lewissa Haigh
  • Heart's Delight by: Deborah Mesker
  • Bella's Baubles; Babes in the Woods by: Michelle and Wayne Brady
  •  Skapa Leather by: Ginny Guedes


Games & Toys

Hats & Masks

Hearth & Home

  • Blue Toucan Fairy Doors by: Chris Pallace
  • Crysalis Hammocks by: Terri Koithan and Marina Boratko
  • The Wooden Unicorn by: Emily Nekritz
  • Elder Earth by: Rick Figgins and Mikaela Case-Figgins
  • Arrakis Spice Traders by: Andrew Dorsey
  • Beas & Teas by: Stephanie Dorsey


Leather Goods


Pottery & Sculpture


  • Greenleaf Bookes by: Stephen Kester
  • Wassail Horns by: Kelly Bailey & Shelby Wimler
  • Hairlooms Wandering Flowers by: Jenifer Hopkins
  • Gypsy Wings Travel Bags by: Michael & Rebekah Paparella
  • Inch by Inch Weaving by: Deb Peruse
  • Fire Om Earth by: Craig & Lorna Trigg-Hirsch
  • Dusty Wire Faerie Creations by: Alexzandria Knight
  • Fairy Haven by: John Wells
  • Pixie Travelling Medicine Show: Benjamin Brightheart Pixie
  • Myth and Moonstone by: Jocelyn Amoroso
  • Valhalla Horns by: Ralph Brodie
  • Ocarinas by: Leo Brissette


Hair & Body


  • On Glass Wings by: Phil Parkman
  • Art Glass by: Veena and Liam Cahlander-Duffy
  • Crystal Visions by: Teresa Teatro
  • Stained Glass by: Hannah Alvaro