The Joust

The Joust is both a means of battle and a form of entertainment enjoyed by the Nobility and commoners alike. Knights are pitted against one another in a series of mounted and armoured combats that are fought as contests. Through a series of battles, only one prevails through to the final round. He who is the last man standing or holds the best record throughout each round is declared the winner.

The Joust A’plaisance Tournament is a series of elimination jousts. An overall winner is determined after the last battle is fought and all other opponents have been eliminated.

The Grand Joust is defined by its extravagance. It is a true spectacle, designed to thrill and delight those who witness the tournament. Many years of ceremony and chivalric conduct serve as the foundation of the Joust. Knights fight for the affections of the Queen and eligible Wenches; a Knight would battle in honor of his lady and could win her courtship if he wins the Joust.

Who will reign victorious and impress the fair Queen? Join us for the tournament of the century!



The Wyldewood Players

Step through the gates of beautiful Warwick and you will soon find yourself greeted by the town’s jubilant citizens, who will warmly welcome you as one of their own.

One of the features that distinguish the Sterling Renaissance Festival from other Renaissance Festivals is its full-time professional corps of actors, selected from a national audition tour.  Weeks of training and rehearsal go into the varied and colorful Denizens of Warwick you see around you. 

The Wyldewood Players is the oldest full-time professional acting troupe of any Renaissance Festival, and the inspiration behind many interactive entertainment groups in major theme parks across the country.

In addition to the many Lane Encounters you’ll experience, The Wyldewood Players present stage performances throughout the day.

Some of the scheduled shows of the Wyldewood Players are listed here, the rest are unannounced events that happen all day throughout the Village of Warwick, so you’ll just have to keep an eye out.

Stage Antics Of The Wyldewood Players

The Warwick Inn

The Warwick Inn houses town notables and lesser nobility which the inn keeper and her servants try to keep happy. The result is a "faulty tower" of fun and mayhem. Inside the Inn is an intimate sit-down pub with an interior balcony open to the second floor, where the unscheduled antics take place all day. On the outside, you’ll find these hysterical adventures.

Scheduled Antics Take Place At … 11:15, 1:30, 5:00

Braggart's Row

Next door to the Warwick Inn lies the worst real estate in the shire, peopled by the worst beggars, scallywags and rogues in the shire.  Visting here, encamped where rent is cheap and folks are willing to listen, is... A BEGGAR’S FEAST and aTHIEVES MEETING will entertain young and old, rich and poor.

Scheduled Antics Take Place At … 12:45, 3:30

The Laundress Lair

Across the green from Braggart’s Bow sits the village’s wash pit, where shows are presented in honor of the day, and little real work gets done. Bubbling with mischievous energy, the wench show proves if you never do laundry sober, you'll always have loads and loads of fun! Come on over to the wash pit and hang your troubles out to dry! THE WASHING WELL WENCHES SHOW...Good clean fun, wet dirty women. Danielle Dupont, Kitty Turner.

Scheduled Antics Take Place At … 12:00, 2:45, 4:15

The House of Physic and Graveyard

Here in our humble village lies a place devoted to the secret sciences and mysteries of the earth, an institute of higher knowledge and service to the troubled. If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, meet the most dangerous man in Warwick... ENOCH THE ALCHEMIST... as he and his faithful servant presents, The Book of Doom! - A lighthearted look at the end of all things.

Scheduled Antics Take Place At … 11:15, 12:45, 3:30

The Fairy Ring

Nestled in the heart of the faire is a little stone place you may easily walk by and never notice. Between the stair and the winding ramp lies Warwick's own fairy ring! Tiny and unseen, they've been there all along. But on this day, it is possible to see a real fairy made human size and willing to talk. Help her learn about the human world. GOSSAMER TANGLESWIRL.. Wishes, wonder and weirdness with a real live fairy! Stephanie Ward. 


BUT ESPECIALLY AT… 11:15, 1:30, 2:45, 4:15


The Trial & Dunke Stage

COURT OF SESSIONS... The constabulary mete out justice in fetid depths of Frogge Pond twice daily. The accused are placed in the dunking chair to be dunked at the Sheriff's pleasure.

Scheduled Antics Take Place At … 12:45, 3:30


Royal Performances at Festival Stage

Her Majesty's Court

Her Majesty and her courtiers amuse themselves and you with games, courtly revels, and children's knighting ceremony.

Scheduled Antics Take Place At … 12:45


A Courtly Duel

The court demonstrates their dazzling dueling abilities with rapiers, chivalry, and wit!

Scheduled Antics Take Place At … 3:30

Stage Performers

We boast a top-notch lineup of Renaissance style acts, variety performers, and circus arts.  Thrill to feats of daring and skill, laugh to uproarious comedy and storytelling, and marvel at the pageantry and beauty brought forth for the day’s enjoyment.

Warhorse Productions

Warhorse Productions

An exciting recreation of a 16th Century Tournament Joust á Plaisance.  A live, full-armored joust and swordplay performance.  Don’t miss this keystone event of the festival!!  

Judas and Magnolia

Judas & Magnolia

NEW escapes this year!  Judas and Magnolia are a husband-and-wife team of award-winning escape artists.  Through comedy, suspense, and abundant audience participation the pair work to tell fantastical narratives and bring crowds to the edge of their seats with death defying stunts.  

Cirqa Brava

Cirqa Brava

Cirqa Brava’s high-flying acrobats mesmerize & delight with their one-of-a-kind aerial & circus spectacle! Blending razor-sharp comedy with breathtaking beauty, these ladies’ antics will turn your world upside down, inside out, and leave you tangled in laughter!  


El Zappo's Zany Magic Circus

Supersonic whip cracking, mind boggling optical illusions, stupefying balancing stunts and three wild animals. Audience volunteers must provide emergency contact phone numbers.  

Sky Kings Birds of Prey

Dedicated to the education and preservation of our planet's wildlife, this show features Falcons, Hawks, Owls, Vultures and other interesting birds. Their program focuses on the natural history, unique traits and abilities of these incredible animals. 


Clan Tynker Circus

Clan Tynker Circus

The Clan Tynker Circus is a family of traveling performers who take you by the hand, leading you into their world of wonder. You will laugh, clap and be amazed through the whole show, and on the edge of your seat for the DANGER FINALLY!


Theatre of Fools

The Wacky Chicken Show! Inspired by Shakespeare's cock-combed fool, Theatre of Fools brings you on a hyterical joyride of absurd theatrics.

Emry's Fleet

Emry's Fleet

The Big Rat Show is comedy noir. Her Majesty has declared the Big Rat Show to be a royal shift of whit!  Featuring Wilber, the Dancing Weasel.  “You’ll feel like you’ve had a nap!” 


The Harmless Danger Juggling Show

A madcap comedy show with more surprises than you can shake a baby at! It's a funny juggling show with serious consequences. Dangerously daring deeds of dexterity done dumbly.


Daniel, Duke of Danger

A series of poor decisions resulting in comic acrobatics.

The Da Vinci Brothers Comedy Opera

A unique, dynamic, and very funny show, where the audience become the stars. They become the orchestra, the sound effects, and act out the story together. Sensational family fun!

Looney Lucy

Looney Lucy

Like Venus, but with arms.

Giacomo The Jester

Magic ropewalking and extremely obnoxious behavior.

Borerraig Irregulars

Great highland bagpipes and drums, Scottish Highland Dance!  Also, a full crew of Highland heavy athletic players will perform Highland Games demonstrations on the jousting field.  Eric and Krysta Albert & Company.  *Performing on Highland Fling Weekend only – 7/29 & 30.

Morganeagle Falconry

Raptor display located at the old wash pit! Educational talks on the sport of falconry, and daily demonstration on the field of Honor.

Gabs the Fool

Join Gabs the Fool, a silent clown on his hilarious journey of wonder, transporting you to a world of joy and delight. Performing in the lanes all season, and four shows daily on July 8th & 9th.

On the Bawdy Side, strong language and themes not recommended for the little ones

The Wildly Inappropriate Poetry Of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes

Take a stroll down the malodorous backalleys of English literature with Britain’s poet laureate of the perverse. Not for children, the weak and infirm, or the morally indignant.

Fat Shakespeare

Don’t worry, there’s no actual literature here. A vulgar, overweight old drunk p*es and s**ts himself. We know what you want. Rates R for you’ll really wish you watched something else. From the creator of Filthy Irish Stories and Bastard Monks.



The streets are filled with merry tunes from the many musicians and minstrels of Warwick! Dancing, singing, and revelry are abundant at the festival; whether you fancy a raucous pub song or a jolly toe-tapping melody, our skilled musicians of different genres will be entertaining the masses all festival long.

Clan Tynker Circus


Crannog is known for their adventurous arrangements of traditional music. "Thrash Celtic" at its best, they feature primarily Irish songs and Celtic tunes set to fiddle, concertina, percussion, guitar and vocals.  



Plays ancient airs and dances featuring harp, viola da gamba, and violin.  A free-spirited playfulness is characteristic of Cantiga’s sound, bringing the ancient songs to life for a modern audience. 

Empty Hats

Empty Hats

Celtic music “unplugged…but wired.”  

Jim Hancock

Jim Hancock & Friends

A celebration of songs, encompassing maritime, love, drinking, and the best that Jim can find.  He plays with everyone, and helps lead the band at the Pub Sing.  Come sing along on your old favorites, and learn some new favorites!  Jim Hancock.

Lord Cailean Carmichael

Scottish emissary to Her Majesty Elizabeth’s Court.  He can be found playing the bodhran or other instruments at any opportunity. 

Merry Mischief

A merry and mischievous band of minstrels play toe-tapping tunes, ballads, lovely ditties, and hug you with music!  


Ancient bagpipes and bombastic drums!  Early music for modern minds.