The Wyldewood Players

The Sterling Renaissance Festival, a 35-acre wooded site containing Renaissance style
buildings and open-air wooden amphitheaters, is a whimsical re-creation of an
Elizabethan town; Warwick, circa 1585. The core company of interactive actors, The
Wyldewood Players, brings the town to life by portraying the rogues, vagabonds, and
townspeople of Shakespeare’s day.

Town characters as well as Queen Elizabeth’s court, roam the lanes and environments of
the festival, including the audience in this very unique form of theatre. Other
entertainers provide music and period acts. All of this, combined with food, crafts, and
games help create an exciting, comic history of the old English trade faire.

Actors portray a given village character throughout the 9-hour performance day through
interactive improvisation in the lanes and environments, and take part in pre-rehearsed
scenarios and plays on stages.

Salary and Benefits for the 2020 Season

Casting 30 male and female roles, ages 24 to 50.  Company members receive $3,500 for
the 9- week season. (Paid $175 per week for two weeks of rehearsals and training, and
$450 per week for the seven performance weeks.)  Housing is provided. Upon
completion of the performance season and training workshops, company members
receive a certification in “Immersive & Interactive Theatre Performance” (IITP
certification) from InterActive Artists. NYS Workman’s Comp and NYS Unemployment
Insurance provided as salaried employment.

The Commitment

The contract commitment for runs from Wednesday, June 9th to Monday August 18th,
applicants must be available for full-time work, and arrive on-site on June 8th.  There
are 4 weeks of intensive rehearsals (three pre-opening and one post –opening) and 7
performance weekends. Brush up rehearsals are scheduled for Thursdays and Fridays
throughout the performance run.

  • Performances are Saturdays and Sundays only from 10 AM to 7 PM, with
  • additional rehearsals midweek.
  • Rehearsals will vary according to how you are cast - and may include rehearsal for scenarios, plays, or other scheduled events during a performance day.
  • Rehearsal days run from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM, six days per week.
  • Rehearsals will include master class workshops in:
    • Ensemble Improvisation and freeing the imagination
    • Interactive character development
    • Interactive performance technique
    • Shakespearian Dialect and language
    • History, Customs and manners of the Elizabethan period
  • Actors have no required technical duties, other than care of their housing facilities.
  • Some supplies and references purchase will be required, as well as some reading or memorization prior to arrival.
  • Between performance weekends, actors will have between two and four days off with the remaining weekdays used for brush-up rehearsals.
  • Actors may be scheduled for promotional outings at any time.
  • Transportation and expenses for promotional outings will be provided.
  • No other transportation is provided or reimbursed.
  • Informal voluntary workshops in other disciplines and as well as cast outings are sometimes arranged.


Housing is provided. Festival housing meets all State and local fire and safety codes and
takes the form of lofts above Festival buildings and stages (with electricity and separate
access to hot and cold running water, showers, bathroom and cooking facilities). Rooms
will be single occupancy only. Having a car for transportation is best, but shared rides
among the cast are often arranged.

Audition Preparation

Headshots and resumes with professional acting credits are required. Minimum age is
24. We begin each audition with an open call, followed later in the afternoon by a
callback.  For your open call audition, we ask for a one-minute comic monologue. 
Monologues may be either contemporary or period (i.e. modern or Shakespearean), and
should show your comic flare and your ability with characterization.  Monologues are
heard in small groups. After your group, some will be asked to remain for a callback
audition held after all monologues are heard.  Callbacks will consist of an improv
audition, held in small groups.  Please keep the audition monitor informed of any
scheduling conflicts. There are no follow-up audition dates. Since this is an improv
ensemble, Actor’s Equity has no jurisdiction, therefore both Union and Non-Union
actors may apply. We do our best to emulate Equity guidelines for all actors.


Casting 15 male and 15 female roles, ages 24 to 50. Casting calls will take place within
two weeks of audition with final calls out no later than March 20th under normal
circumstances. Casting by Gary Izzo. Although we would like to personally contact all
callback candidates either way, we cannot always do so. If you are not called or offered a
role by March 30th, please accept our thanks for your time and interest; and don’t count
us out for next year. We often have far fewer roles than qualified actors with whom we
would love to share the summer.

We will sometimes call first alternate candidates if an actor who has been offered a role
needs some time to decide. Please respect our request for a prompt answer and know
that other actors may be waiting as alternates.