Through national auditions held by the Festival's Entertainment Staff, the Festival's fifty member professional acting company, the Wyldewood Payers, comes alive once again.

Veteran Disney Director, and author of the books The Art Of Play and Acting Interactive Theater, Gary Izzo, heads the group.

After many weeks of full-time rehearsal and training, they employ their considerable skill in comic improvisation and interactive theatre to weave a tapestry of captivating encounters with visitors that is sure to loosen their grip on the 21st Century.

Visitors are never strangers in the village of Warwick; everyone plays the role of the Queen’s subject.

The Wyldewood Players also present throughout the day scheduled scenarios designed to include the visitor such as; the Opening Ceremonies, Trial & Dunke, Queen’s Challenge, and Well Wench Shows.

The Wyldewood Players are joined by independent performing groups who fill the stages with excitement and wonderment.