A whimsical fair awaits, showcasing the music, artisans, entertainers, and games of our enchanting town. Witness astounding feats of swordplay, jovial comedy, magic shows, and more. Watch in awe as valiant Knights joust to win the praise of the Queen and the affection of the Wenches. Traverse over 35 acres of land, filled to the brim with enchanting attractions -- and hearty food and ale. Alack, what is a festival without ale?

The Citizens of Warwick are honored to have you as a guest at this year’s festival. The local residents, who are as endearing as they are mad, and have an uncanny knack for drawing you into their spontaneous antics -- the whole town is alive with merriment! Join us as we celebrate the 40th Annual Sterling Renaissance Festival!

The Realm

Tucked within a luscious forest, surrounded by a sea of rolling green, hides the town of Warwick, England, where townspeople eagerly await the arrival of the Queen.

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Some olde style buildings in the forest

The Royal Party

Meet the distinguished members of the Nobility, from the Queen herself to her trusted and dignified advisors.

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The Queen and some of her subjects in procession

Local Residents

Ah, the plentiful townrs of Warwick—some worthy of nobility themselves, while others remain far less distinguished.

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2 local residents catching some rest after some merry drinking.