Warhorse Productions

An exciting recreation of a 16th Century tournament Joust A’plaisance. This is a live, full-armored joust and swordplay performance. Don’t miss this keystone event of the festival!

Featured performers:
  • Kelly Bailey
  • Dave Schade
  • Mark Desmond
  • Harrison Bouchard
  • Tom Buckley
  • Colin Corcoran
  • Christine Corcoran
  • Barbara Mikles

Clan Tynker Circus

A troupe of brothers and sisters who perform a stunning array of talents in a fanciful “Vaudeville” style of Circus set to an exciting live musical soundscape.

*Performing 7/2-8/7.

Featured performers:
  • Rebekah Tynker
  • Elijah Tynker
  • Sam Tynker
  • Serendipity Tynker
  • Santiago Tynker

Daniel, Duke Of Danger

Comic acrobatics and other evidence of a wasted youth. Daniel will attempt to hurt himself in very creative ways. Rarely does he succeed.

Featured performer:
  • Dan Looker

Topsy Turvy

Circus variety and sibling rivalry at its finest! These acrobats are living proof that sisters CAN in fact get along -- in public, at least.

Featured performer:
  • Amanda Renaud
  • Lily Hufnagel

The Da Vinci Brothers Comedy Operas

A dynamic comedy where the audience members become the stars. The audience is the orchestra, the sound effects, and are encouraged to act out the story. Sensational family fun!

Featured performer:
  • Ken Silkie

Don Juan And Miguel

A whip-cracking, sword fighting comedic extravaganza! Adventure, romance, laughter!

Featured performer:
  • Jose Granados
  • Douglas Kondziolka

Emrys Fleet

The Rat Extravaganza featuring Wilber the Dancing Weasel. Hilarious Hijinks!

Featured performer:
  • Jim Greene

Giacomo The Jester

Magic, rope walking and extremely obnoxious behavior.

Featured performer:
  • Carl Asch

Looney Lucy

Like Venus, but with arms.

Zilch The Tory Steller

Classic tales told in a consonant-switching language that will keep you laughing from the introduction to the exciting confusion... I mean conclusion!

Featured performer:
  • Terry Foy

Lenny Burrows, Master Of Revels

Your favorite reveler is back on the streets and performing on the boards. Anything can happen, merrymaking will happen.

*Performing 8/6-8/14

Featured performer:
  • Frank Cardillo

Borerraig Irregulars

The Stirring sounds of a Scottish pipe band will appear on our Highland Fling Weekend only – July 23rd & 24th Don’t miss the special Caber Toss competition by Scottish Athletes as well!

*Performing 7/23-7/24.

Featured performer:
  • Eric Albert & Company

The Vodca Family

Unique dancing and gypsy fun!

*Performing 8/13 & 14.

Featured performer:
  • Stephanie Bemi
  • Whitney Bamford
  • Niko Adavant
  • Alejandro Rios

The Renaissance Man

England’s foremost actor of tragedies takes a stab at comedy! Interactive comedies of Daily Elizabethan Life, Romeo & Juliet, Pandora’s Box, Witch Trial & Bear Baiting.

Featured performer:
  • Chris Davis

Digger Plots, Gravedigger

Digger Plotts, Gravedigger and Sin Eater. His mantra: "I puts the fun in funeral!"

Featured performer:
  • Wes Holden

Whipperwil Archery

Master archers Will and Yeoman will appear twice daily on the joust field to show you just how effective the bow and arrow was as a weapon of war in the middle ages. Watch as they fire their trebuchet and siege bow -- you might just learn a little along the way.

Featured performer:
  • Bill Darr
  • Yeoman Darr

On the Bawdy Side (Strong language and themes: not recommended for the little ones)

Arthur Greenleaf Holmes

Scandalous. Licentious. Madly impolitic. And riotously funny. Peer down the paisley corridors of iambic corruption as Arthur Greenleaf Holmes presents his villainous verse. Not for the skittish.

Featured performer:
  • Gordon Boudreau

The Bastard Monks

A womanizing cad monk and a lonely wanker monk explain the Garden of Eden with puppets. And then they fight. Not for children.

Featured performer:
  • Paul Herbig
  • Brian Owen

Filthy Irish Stories

Vulgar and hilarious corruptions of Irish Myth spew from the mouth of a former criminal. Pee before you see it. Extreme language.

Featured performer:
  • Christopher Buehlman

The Royal Feast

Culinary delights and enticing entertainment come together at the Festival’s Royal Feast -- and you’re invited! The Feast will be held at the Rose & Crown Tavern.

When: 5:00 to 6:15 PM

July 10th, 24th and August 7th.

Guests are to check in at the Rose & Crown Tavern at 4:45 PM to partake in a scrumptious five course feast that is truly fit for royalty. Throughout dinner you will be entertained by members of the Royal Court, serenaded by enchanting Musicians and a Royal Toast will be presented by the Queen herself.