Warhorse Productions

An exciting recreation of a 16th Century tournament Joust A’plaisance. This is a live, full-armored joust and swordplay performance. Don’t miss this keystone event of the festival!

Featured performers:
  • Kelly Bailey
  • Dave Schade
  • Mark Desmond
  • Harrison Bouchard
  • Tom Buckley
  • Colin Corcoran
  • Christine Corcoran
  • Barbara Mikles


Travel back in time to meet the ethereal women whom all sailors both fear & adore: the Sirens. Straight from the depths of the sea, this show is filled with drumming, dancing, and all original music that will hypnotize and delight.

*Performing 7/15-8/13

Featured performers:
  • Amanda Ellis
  • Samantha Nolte
  • Tegan Elliot

Blades of Death

New this season! Ichabod Wainwright and his partner Samantha join forces to present a show of comedy and death-defying skills!

*Performing 7/1-8

Featured performers:
  • Grant Murray
  • Tegan Elliot

The Harmless Danger Juggling Show

New this season! A funny juggling show with serious consequences. Dangerously daring deeds of dexterity done dumbly.

Featured performers:
  • Liam Selvey

Nature Of Mercy

Captain Griffin and Max the Italian are back!! Family friendly sword fighting comedy show.

Featured performers:
  • Tawn Jones
  • Simon Jaeger

Clan Tynker Circus

A troupe of brothers and sisters who perform a stunning array of talents in a fanciful “Vaudeville” style of Circus set to an exciting live musical soundscape.

*Performing 7/1-8/6.

Featured performers:
  • Rebekah Tynker
  • Elijah Tynker
  • Sam Tynker
  • Serendipity Tynker
  • Santiago Tynker

Daniel, Duke Of Danger

Comic acrobatics and other evidence of a wasted youth. Daniel will attempt to hurt himself in very creative ways. Rarely does he succeed.

Featured performer:
  • Dan Looker

Topsy Turvy

Circus variety and sibling rivalry at its finest! These acrobats are living proof that sisters CAN in fact get along -- in public, at least.

Featured performer:
  • Amanda Renaud
  • Lily Hufnagel

Don Juan And Miguel

A whip-cracking, sword fighting comedic extravaganza! Adventure, romance, laughter!

Featured performer:
  • Jose Granados
  • Douglas Kondziolka

Emrys Fleet

The Rat Extravaganza featuring Wilber the Dancing Weasel. Hilarious Hijinks!

Featured performer:
  • Jim Greene

Giacomo The Jester

Magic, rope walking and extremely obnoxious behavior.

Featured performer:
  • Carl Asch

Looney Lucy

Like Venus, but with arms.

Zilch The Tory Steller

Classic tales told in a consonant-switching language that will keep you laughing from the introduction to the exciting confusion... I mean conclusion!

Featured performer:
  • Terry Foy

Lenny Burrows, Master Of Revels

Your favorite reveler is back on the streets and performing on the boards. Anything can happen, merrymaking will happen.

*Performing 8/5-8/13

Featured performer:
  • Frank Cardillo

Sir Richard Grenville

A soldier, an armored merchant fleet owner, privateer, colonizer, and explorer traveling with the Queens Court.

Featured performer:
  • Michael Gilbert

Captain Henry Duckworth

A cook, a captain, an honest sailor (Yargh!). This land-locked pirate always has a song in his heart and a tale of the sea at the ready.

Featured performer:
  • Collin Sullivan

Borerraig Irregulars

The Stirring sounds of a Scottish pipe band will appear on our Highland Fling Weekend only – July 23rd & 24th Don’t miss the special Caber Toss competition by Scottish Athletes as well!

*Performing 7/23-7/24.

Featured performer:
  • Eric Albert & Company

The Vodca Family

Unique dancing and gypsy fun!

*Performing 8/12 & 13.

Featured performer:
  • Stephanie Bemi
  • Whitney Bamford
  • Niko Adavant
  • Alejandro Rios

Whipperwil Archery

Master archers Will and Yeoman will appear twice daily on the joust field to show you just how effective the bow and arrow was as a weapon of war in the middle ages. Watch as they fire their trebuchet and siege bow -- you might just learn a little along the way.

Featured performer:
  • Bill Darr
  • Yeoman Darr

On the Bawdy Side (Strong language and themes: not recommended for the little ones)

Filthy Irish Stories

Vulgar and hilarious corruptions of Irish Myth spew from the mouth of a former criminal. Pee before you see it. Extreme language.

Featured performer:
  • Christopher Buehlman

The Wildly Inappropriate Poetry Of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes…

Scandalous. Licentious. Madly impolitic. Unexpectedly illuminating. And riotously funny. Take a stroll down the paisley corridors of dactylic corruption with Warwick’s own libertine poet. Not for the morally indignant.

Featured performer:
  • Gordon Boudreau


Last Updated: 5/30/17