Warhorse Productions

An exciting recreation of a 16th Century tournament Joust A’plaisance. This is a live, full-armored joust and swordplay performance. Don’t miss this keystone event of the festival!

Judas & Magnolia

NEW this year! Judas & Magnolia are a husband and wife team of award-winning escape artists. Through comedy, suspense, and abundant audience participation the pair work to tell fantastical narratives and bring crowds to the edge of their seats with death-defying stunts. 

Cirqa Brava

Cirqa Brava's high-flying acrobats mesmerize & delight with their one-of-a-kind aerial & circus spectacle! Blending razor-sharp comedy with breathtaking beauty, these ladies' antics will turn your world upside down, inside out, and leaves you tangled in laughter!

Theatre of Fools

The Wacky Chicken Show! Inspired by Shakespeare's cock-combed fool, Theatre of Fools brings you on a hysterical joyride of absurd theatrics.

The Da Vinci Brothers Comedy Operas

A unique, dynamic, and very funny show, where the audience become the stars. They become the orchestra, the sound effects, and act out the story together. Sensational family fun!

The Harmless Danger Juggling Show

A funny juggling show with serious consequences. Dangerously daring deeds of dexterity done dumbly.

*Performing 7/6-8/11

Clan Tynker Circus

Clan Tynker is a circus family who travel their performances all over the world, delighting young and old alike. This must-see show includes incredible skills, unforgettable characters, and FIRE! All set to live music you will be humming the whole way home.

*Performing 7/6-8/4

The Vodca Family

Unique dancing and gypsy fun!

*Performing 8/10-8/18

Daniel, Duke Of Danger

A series of poor decisions resulting in comic acrobatics. Daniel will attempt to hurt himself in very creative ways. Rarely does he succeed. 

Emrys Fleet

The Big Rat Show is comedy Noir. Her Majesty has declared the big Rat Show to be a Royal Shift of Whit!

Giacomo The Jester

Magic, rope walking and extremely obnoxious behavior.

Looney Lucy

Like Venus, but with arms.

Lenny Burrows, Master Of Revels

Your favorite reveler is back on the streets and performing on the boards. Anything can happen, merrymaking will happen.

*Performing 7/6-7/7 & 8/17-8/18

Captain Henry Duckworth

A cook, a captain, an honest sailor (Yargh!). This land-locked pirate shares the wisdom coined through a life on the high seas.

*Performing 7/20-7/21 & 7/27-7/28

Borerraig Irregulars

Great Highland Bagpipes and drums, Scottish Highland dance!  Also, a full crew of Highland heavy athletic players will perform Highland Games demonstrations on the jousting field. 

*Performing on Highland Fling Weekend only – August 3rd-4th

On the Bawdy Side, strong language and themes not recommended for the little ones

The Wildly Inappropriate Poetry Of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes…

Scandalous. Licentious. Madly impolitic...and riotously funny. Take a stroll down literature's seamy back alleys with England's own libertine laureate. These are the poems that inspired Emily Dickinson to exclaim, "Screw it...I'm staying in my room."

Filthy Irish Stories

Vulgar and hilarious stories told by "Churchyard" O'Shea, notorious highway robber. Irish myths and legends, violence, blasphemy, VERY bad language. What's not to like? For the love of all that is holy, please don't bring kids.

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