Upper Shire Gate Area

Step through the gates of Warwick to the Upper Shire Gate Area. Here, you’ll be welcomed by many Entertainers of the Realm and stage performances happening all day long. The citizens of Warwick are eager to entertain you the moment you enter their whimsical town! An eclectic mix of artisans, games, and attractions await you down Caliban’s Way. Walk down the beaten paths of the Upper Shire Gate Area to discover the Gate Stage, the Applewood Stage and the brand-new Warwick Inn.

Upper Shire Warwick Commons Area

The Commons Area is the heart of Warwick; merchants, artisans, food and drink, and more come together here in the center of the Village. The Merchant’s Bend Stage is alive with musical acts, and the Festival Stage hosts a plethora of storytellers, dance spectacles and jesters. Along the Queen’s Path is where you’ll find festival feasts fit for a king!

Lower Shire Wyldewood Area

Down in the Lower Shire Wyldewood Area, the Grand Joust is the main attraction. Many other famed events such as the Queen's Tea and Royal Feast take place here, scattered with comedy character shows and circus acts. There’s something exciting waiting around every corner!

Lower Shire Bogges Area

The Lower Shire Bogges area is a mysterious corner of Warwick. Psychic arts and glass blowing demonstrations pepper the streets leading to the Swan Stage: the destination for audacious sword fights and dazzling circus artistry. Deep in the Bogges is where things get down and dirty; the earth turns to a thick paste in the mud pits where the beggars perform for your entertainment. Bawdy comedy fills the Grotto Stage with obscene language and humor.


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